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The Latin American Cultural Center (LACC) seeks to acquire iconic objects from each country in Latin America for its permanent collection.

To submit your article for consideration, please complete and submit the collection form below. It is important that you provide as much information as possible (e.g., where/when made and collected, artist, age, description, etc.) for our collections committee to review. Photographs of the object must accompany the form. If the object is of interest to the Collection Committee for permanent accession, we will contact you. Likewise, the curator will inform you if the object cannot be accessioned into the collection.

Because of the care, documentation, and appropriate storage space provided for each object, LACC must use extreme discretion in its selection of these objects. Objects will be chosen for accession by a collections committee based on artistic merit, as well as potential for permanent or temporary display, associated information, and storage and conservation requirements, among other criteria. Due to storage limitations LACC cannot accept all donation offers.

We greatly appreciate your generous offer to help LACC build its collections!

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We thank you in advance for considering LACC as a permanent home.

Please note: LACC cannot provide an appraisal of your donation for tax purposes per IRS regulations. If a monetary value is important to you for tax purposes, please contact a certified appraiser for this information.